2019 Invitational Challenge

Theme: "Prismatic Color  Explosion"

This Challenge is ALL ABOUT COLOR!

As you know, a prism breaks color into its component elements…this is your chance to interpret what that means to you!  We are hoping that you can create the most colorful piece ever!

The Invitational Challenge rules are as follows:

  • Let's celebrate 2019 by creating a quilt that incorporates at least 19 different colors.  This might include a single, multi-colored fabric - or many fabrics. For verification, please attach a small snippet of each of the colors you have incorporated on a separate sheet included with your registration sheet. There is no upper limit to the total number of colors used.
  • Any technique, style, or genre may be selected, as long as there are three (3) layers: backing, batting (or inner layer NOT seen), and of course the top. The piece must be quilted, and the edges must be finished (binding is NOT mandatory).


  • For this challenge, we ask that only flat quilts be created.
  • The quilted piece must be no more than 36” x 36” on any side and have a sleeve attached. Pieces with no sleeve will not be hung for display.
  • All Challenge pieces will be judged, with the following Ribbon Awards: 
    • Best Interpretation of Theme
    • Best Use of Color
    • Judge’s Choice.
  • All entrants will receive a participation ribbon.


Let your Colorful Creativity Flow!!