2019 Award Winners

And the winners are:

Best of Show Quilt
 Carolyn Griffin - Peaks and Valleys

Best Bed Quilt
 Susan Haslett-Schofield - Rings, Circles & Fans

Best Wall Quilt
 Rita Schuette - Circle of Life

Best Art Quilt
 Jean Overmeyer - Maximus II

Best Miniature Quilt
 Catherine Lewis - Up, Up and Away!

Best Crib/Baby Quilt
 Susan Sommers - Lauren’s Menagerie

Best Scrap Quilt
 Londa Burkett - Rockin’ 9 Patches

Best Group or Team Quilt
 Gretchen Schultz - A Round with Friends

Best Binding
 Sue Smith - Picadilly Baskets

Best Modern Quilt
 Shirley Breitzman - Urban Trek

Best Hand Quilting
 Brenda Palmiter - Alaskan Nights

Best Machine Embroidery
 Linda Blaesing - Let It Snow

Best Machine Quilting (Stationary)
 Carolyn Gottfried - Pleiades

Best Machine Quilting (Movable - Non-Computerized)
 Judy Lowery - Tarnished Windmill

Best Machine Quilting (Movable - Computerized)
 Jackie Van Houten - Flower Power

Best Use of Embellishment
 Susan Ramos - Purple Paisley

Edyth Conley Judge’s Recognition
 Dorothy Jones - Postage Stamp

Sharon Mareska Judge’s Recognition
 Catherine Lewis - Poppy Field